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Water Storage Tanks - The Quick Installation Solution


Mission Statement:

To be recognised as the leading manufacturer & supplier to the water storage industry through innovation, professionalism, quality and competitive pricing.

Company Profile:

Videx Storage Tanks is a division of Videx Wire Products (PTY) Ltd, a company which was established in 1984.

The Videx factory is situated in one of South Africa’s major industrial areas, Wadeville. It consists of 40,000m² of factory and warehousing space and it currently employs over 780 people from machine operators to specialised maintenance personnel.

The company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of mining roof bolts and ventilation products to the mining industry. Videx prides itself on supplying innovative, cost-effective and safe quality products to its customers.

Videx Storage Tanks was established to address the growing needs to manage a resource that is becoming ever more scarce… Water.

Videx supplies and assembles Steel Storage Tanks in South Africa and the rest of the African continent.

With the ever increasing demand on the water supply in the continent, we at Videx Storage Tanks believe that we can assist in supplying our customers with the most reliable bulk storage system in the most efficient manner.

Our Previous Water Storage Tanks Projects


Research and Development

At Videx Storage Tanks, we believe it is our duty to ensure that our customers are provided with the most advanced products that incorporate safe and user-friendly systems. That is why we are committed to continuous research and development programmes that seek out new and innovative products. Videx Storage Tanks will always strive to provide you, our customer, with technical expertise and value-added services.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Videx is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, integrated with a renowned TÜV quality assurance certification in place.  

Both statutory requirements (SANS) and regulatory requirements (ISO) are Videx Storage Tanks’ set standard of manufacturing. Our products comply with the SANS specifications and ISO quality standards that place emphasis on quality work and continuous improvements to our products. A quality management system is in place to ensure that customers receive a market-leading, safe-to-use quality product that is cost-effective.

Value Proposition

Videx Storage Tanks are very rugged and have a long lifespan. The tanks are of a modular design, which means that they can be transported in sections to any location and then assembled on-site.

The tanks need to be assembled by professional teams, where possible.

Other features and advantages of our tanks are:

  • Locally manufactured stock, on-hand panels and roofing. 
  • Cut-outs for inlets and outlets to be manufactured to customer specifications within standard lead times. Enquire with us and we could surprise you. 
  • In-house, professional installation teams.
  • Safe, hygienic water storage.
  • Rugged but yet modular design
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