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Q. What is density of water?
1 lt of water = 1 Kg
1000 lt of water = 1 ton of weight     

Q. What is a Kilo Litre (Kl)?
1,000 litres = 1KL

e.g. 10 000 litres = equals 10KL

Q. What material is used to manufacture Videx Tanks?
Cold rolled mild steel, galvanised to  SANS 1461:1999

Q. Is water stored in a Videx tank safe to drink?
Yes, potable, drinking water is stored in our tanks all across the country and continent. Measures need to be taken to ensure the water stays potable at all times, to accomplish this; the safe water source (supply line) must flow through the tank to the point of supply or consumption ensuring continuous flow and circulation through the tank. 

Q. Are fittings included in the price?
Videx sectional tanks are supplied with four (4) connections ( Inlet, Outlet, Overflow and scour or drain) as specified by the client up to 150mm Nominal Bore (NB) as standard. Connections over 150 mm NB are available up to 600mm NB and must be specified. 

Q. What is the maximum pressure that Videx tanks can handle?
Videx sectional water tanks are not pressure vessels. However the tanks can be built to 6.1m high with static pressure of around 48pa. The water storage tanks have an air vent and a lockable manhole cover installed insuring no pressure build up.

Q. What is the maximum temperature that Videx tanks can handle?
Standard operating temperatures are -10   degrees to 90   degrees Celsius.

Q. Where is the nearest Videx Branch, alternatively, where can Videx products be bought?
We operate from our head office in Wadeville working all across South Africa and the African Continent.

Q. What is the estimate life expectancy of a tank?
Fifteen (15) year plus, depending on the storage medium and Water chlorine content.

Q. Would you be able to give advice on the structural design for a steel support structure/tower?Yes, we consult with a Qualified Structural and Civil Engineer on all related projects.

Q. What is the size of a standard panel?
HDG sectional steel panel is 1220mm x 1220mm.

Q. What is the height configuration of Videx sectional steel tanks?

1 Panel High 1220 mm High
2 Panels High 2440 mm High
3 Panels High 3660 mm High
4 Panels High 4880 mm High

Q. What is the wall thickness of Videx Tanks?
Videx sectional HDG steel tanks are supplied in accordance with the latest SANS 10329:2012 specification with various panel thickness ranging from 3mm to 6mm depending on client specification and the tank configuration and height.

Q. Can I store Petrol or diesel in a Videx tank?
No, our gasket material is not compatible with fuel and oil based liquids.

Q. Will the water in the tank turn mouldy if stored and not used for long periods of time?
Yes, water needs to be circulated or consumed replenished on a regular basis.

Q. What are the weights of your empty tanks?
The tank weight is determined by the tank configuration & height.

Q. Can a Videx tank be placed directly onto level ground?
No, access is required below the tank base.  The tank can be installed on concrete plinths or on a steel support structure with a minimum height of 450mm.

Q. What is your smallest or largest tank?
Our water tanks range in volume from 1.8 Kl up to 3 Ml (million litres).

Q. My tank is damaged and needs repair work, how do I get it repaired?
Please contact us directly.

Q. Can I install a Videx tank for rainwater harvesting?

Q. Can Videx tanks be insulated?
Yes. This is commonly used for retaining heat or cooling at processing plants.

Q. Do you hire or rent out tanks?

Q. Availability and lead time of supply?
Typically 3 -5 weeks depending on the size and the configuration of the water tank. We try to hold strategic stocks to reduce lead times wherever possible.

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