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More People Need More Water

water availablility

The population of Africa will continue to grow until the year

A more intensified agriculture is needed to supply for their food, i.e. there is a need to increase the yield per hectare. More intensive agriculture is only possible with more irrigation, e.g., droplet irrigation. This implies higher water consumption in this sector. 2025. It is estimated that at that time, 1.35 billion people will live in Africa.

Almost 1,000 litres water are needed to produce one kilogram of corn; and for the production of a kilogram of wheat 1,000 litres and for one kilogram rice even 2,500 litres of water are needed. That means, for the production of 1 ton of corn 900 m³ water, for 1 ton of wheat 1,000 m³ and for 1 ton of rice 2,500 m³ water is used.

Some African countries already suffer from water stress. We speak of water stress when a human being only has between 1,000 and 1,700 m³ water per year at his or her disposal. South Africa, Egypt, Somalia and Malawi belong to this group. Nowadays, water shortage already prevails in Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Cape Verde and Djibouti. We talk of water shortage if there is less than 1,000 m³ of water per person and year available. This situation will aggravate until the year 2025. By then, there will be almost no country in Africa that is not affected by water stress or water shortage.

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