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SA's Water Crisis & How You Can Help

Water is life. It is a scarce & precious resource. As we are going through one of the worst droughts in our country in over a century - EVERYONE needs to play their part.

Every house & business should be cutting their usage by drastically and it can be done quite with a little effort. It will also save you money by avoiding potential penalties and ultimately water shedding.

Please find some handy tips & advice below.

Alert_image_2Be Alert

  • Report any leaks you may see in your area to your local authority and get a reference number.
  • Turn off all your taps and monitor your water meters over a few hours – if it increases, you may have a leak.
  • Repair all dripping or leaking taps & pipes ASAP.

Garden_image_4Outdoor & Garden

  • If you have a water tank, decant water into buckets and use it for flushing the toilets and topping up your pool.
  • Harvest rainwater & grey-water to use in watering the garden, top up the pool, clean sidewalks etc.
  • Plant indigenous plants that use less water.
  • If necessary, water your garden in the early evening when it is cooler and less water evaporates. Avoid watering when it is windy.
  • Water the roots and not the leaves.
  • Use a broom and not water to clean your driveway and sidewalks.
  • Wash your car with a bucket (and on the lawn if you can).


  • Wash up once a day if possible. Do not rinse/wash individual items under a running a tap.
  • Only turn on your washing machine & dishwashers if you have a full load or set them to the appropriate load level if you can.


  • Put a brick into your cistern to reduce the water volume (if you have a free-standing toilet unit). Toilets are often the culprit of undetected leaks.
  • When brushing your teeth, don’t leave the tap running. Fill a cup with water and use that to wet your toothbrush and rinse your mouth. Rinse your toothbrush afterwards with the remaining water in the cup.
  • Bathe babies in a basin instead of a bathtub.
  • Bathe kids together where possible and use water sparingly by filling the bath with 6cm of water.
  • The water which runs as your shower heats up can be used elsewhere – keep a bucket in the shower to collect it.
  • Bath and shower water is “grey water” and it can be used around the house to flush toilets, clean patios, water plants etc.
  • Change your showerhead to a water-saving eco-friendly unit and install water restrictors.
  • Take short showers turning the water on sparingly to wet yourself then turn it off. Soap yourself while it is off, thereafter turn it on again just to rinse.

Remember - every drop counts!
Share this with your friends, family and colleagues so that we can all play our part.

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