Think VST Circular Tanks

VST Zincalume (zinc/aluminium alloy) Circular bladder tanks, different shape, same VST quality.


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Think Circular Tanks

Through rigid research and development coupled with the needs of our clients we are proud to announce our new product, the VST Circular bladder tanks.

Our VST circular tank range has been designed to be used in various industry sectors with an array of applications. The radial and vertical stiffeners used in our circular tanks are an exclusive in-house design which make the VST circular tanks ideal to be used in high velocity wind areas. They also lend themselves to quick installation and commissioning with little site preparation as they are installed using an onsite jacking system and in-house installers.

The bladders used in our circular tanks consist of a food grade PVC Plasticized formulation coated on a polyester woven fabric with a high frequency pattern weld adhesion (the bladders are double pattern welded on all the cross joint for extra strength).

The main benefit of using the bladder system, in our tanks, is to prevent liquids from making direct contact with the tank panels thus creating an extended life span for the tank due to risk of corrosion.

Think Tank Specs

Tank Panels

Standard tank plates 2400 x 1219 mm rectangular configured in one of the following formations.

Number of sheets are determined from a matrix calculator.

Material Coating

Aluzinc AZ150

Internal bladder (Lining):


Fabric – High tenacity woven polyester which is a 1000gsm
Coating – Food grade, UV stabilised PVC

Tank Cover / Roof

IBR Zinc Alloy Sheeting (Corrugated Aluzinc sheets)


All VST Tanks are supplied with the following standard items:

Level Indicator (Mechanical, of cat & mouse type, in metric scale for each compartment)

Ladders (Internal & external mild steel ladders, hot-dipped galvanised – External ladders cat ladder type)

Four punch through tank connections

Hinged lockable manhole cover per compartment


Tank Parts

Think Quality

VST attach great importance to the quality of our products. We manufacture and supply an extensive range of water storage tanks.

Think Innovation

VST we are always seeking out new and improved products and innovations for bulk water storage.

Think Cost Effective Solutions

VST will always provide customers with the most cost-effective solution possible. This is done to ensure that our customers, and communities, benefit the most from our products and services.

Think Solutions & Benefits

The main benefit from using bladders in our tanks is to prevent liquids from making direct contact with the tank panels therefore preventing excess corrosion.

The radial and vertical stiffeners used in our circular bladder tanks are exclusive to the VST system which make the VST Circular bladder tanks ideal to be used in high velocity wind areas.

Think Information

The VST dome roof is self-supporting with no central supports

Videx can conduct a bolt test certification if required.

Tank Layer Specifications

1st Tier3x Panel Layers
2nd tier3x Panel Layers
3rd tier2x Panel Layers
4th tier2x Panel Layers
5th tier1 Panel
6th tier1 Panel


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