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Videx Water Storage Tanks are manufacturers of hot dipped galvanized pressed sectional steel water tanks, mild steel support structures for water tanks and ZincAlu Circular Bladder Tanks.

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Water Storage Tanks & Towers

VST sectional steel tanks come in a modular system, from capacities of 1.816kL to upward of 5000kL (5mL). Tanks are formed using prefabricated panels, cleats and internal bracing bolted together on site, to give an infinite range of sizes and capacities. All mild steel components are hot-dipped galvanised as per SANS 121 (ISO 1461) and the tanks are sealed using our EPDM double flanged gasket which adds an extra 4mm double ribbed sealing solution. This is an important key factor for the water sealing and longevity of the tank.

This system also lends itself to straightforward refurbishment as individual components can be inspected and replaced as required. Similarly, alterations to dimensions and capacities can be done with minimal downtime. The VST sectional steel tank have the advantage of “Flat Packed” palletized consignments for economical transport, and enables rapid on-site assembly.

VST products are very rugged and have a long lifespan. The tanks modular design, makes for easy “flat-packed” palletised consignments for economical transport, and enables rapid on-site assembly. These tanks are installed on civil engineered concrete plinths, castellated beams or the VST PR engineered, and designed, galvanised steel towers depending on client and site requirements.

Our goal is to provide the best quality product to our customers. To achieve this objective, VST products are manufactured in our factory under ISO 9001 and comply to the SANS 10329:2020 specifications. This ensures that the tank panels and accessories are produced under the most stringent quality audit and meet the required structural and durability performance.

We believe it is our duty to ensure that our customers are provided with the most advanced products that incorporate safe and user-friendly systems. That is why we are committed to continuous research and development programmes that seek out new and innovative products. We will always strive to provide you, our customer, with technical expertise and value-added services.

Features & Advantages

Square Water Storage Tanks

Square Tanks

VST bolted sectional steel water storage tanks.
Circular Water Storage Tanks

Circular Tanks

The VST System through rigid research, development and client needs are proud to announce our new VST Zincalume Circular bladder tanks. Our new VST...
Water Storage Tower

Tank & Tower

We design and fabricate all water storage steel towers in-house & provide customers with certified engineering drawings.
Custom Water Storage Tanks

Custom Tanks

The VST system has options available to customize tanks for certain client requirements where there are space constraints and site restriction. The VST team...
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