Stories Of Generosity

Watch these beautiful stories of how limitless generosity is changing the world… one community at a time.

Guatemala partnered with Living Water Guatemala to help bring clean water access to the community of Las Cruces.

Watch their amazing story about how the generosity of people like you has not only changed the day to day challenges of finding a sustainable clean water source, but has greatly enriched the lives of hundred of people in this community.

“Now that we are going to have a new well, we can count on such beautiful water for the children… they are the ones that need


1 in 3 rural Ugandans, which is about 10 million people, don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Some of them have to travel everyday, sometimes up to 3 hours, just so their families can have clean water.

This is the story of Hanna Augustino.


Clean, accessible water in places like Haiti is rare as less than half of Haitians in rural areas have access to it.
And even if they can get water, deadly diseased like Cholera continue to contaminate it.

After many challenges, the team at were able to find a sustainable and accessible clean water source so this community no longer has to worry.

“We worked hard for this to happen. Since then, God has answered our prayers and we have said thanks to the Lord.”