Fire Water Tanks

Fire suppression

At Videx Tanks, we understand the importance of having a dependable water storage solution for fire protection. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering superior products and comprehensive support, ensuring your fire water tank meets all safety and operational needs. Our tanks are engineered for reliability and durability, ensuring they are ready to perform in emergency situations.

Agri Water Tanks

Agricultural backup water solutions

At Videx Tanks, we specialise in providing high-quality agricultural water tanks designed to meet the needs of the farming industry. Constructed from durable materials and engineered to the highest standards, our agricultural tanks offer superior longevity. We offer a variety of sizes and customised options to fit specific requirements, addressing challenges such as space limitations and unique installation needs.

Elevated Water Tanks

Gravity water tanks, Tower water tanks

Videx Tanks is a leading provider of elevated water tanks. Our water storage towers are designed and manufactured as per SANS 10162. Our experienced team of skilled engineers and work collaboratively with clients to deliver tailored designs and technical assistance. Crafted from high-quality materials and built to industry standards, we are dedicated to providing superior elevated water storage solutions.

DIY Water Tanks

Self installed complete bespoke solutions.

Videx water storage offers customisable tank options to meet specific client requirements, particularly when there are site limitations such as space constraints, height restrictions, immovable objects (columns/pillars), or irregularly shaped areas. The Videx team will provide a solution-based approach for any of these challenges.

Processing Water Tanks (MEGA TANKS)

The Meat, Poultry, Food and Drink processing manufacturers.

At Videx Tanks, we specialise in providing high-quality processing water tanks tailored to meet the stringent demands for various industries. Our tanks are designed to ensure optimal performance and reliability for meat and poultry processing, as well as food and beverage production. Whether you need a standard solution or a customised design, Videx Tanks is committed to delivery excellence and innovation in water storage.