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Square Reservoirs sectional

Videx Square Reservoirs are designed with a modular approach, offering capacities ranging from 1.816KL to over 10 ML+. These reservoirs are constructed using prefabricated panels, cleats, and internal bracing, all of which are bolted together onsite, allowing for a wide variety of sizes and capacities.

All components are In accordance to SANS 10329:2020 standards from mild steel and undergo hot-dip galvanization in compliance with SANS 121 (ISO 1461) standards. Sealing is achieved through an EPDM double flanged gasket featuring a 4mm double ribbed seal, crucial for water tightness and durability.

For efficient transport, Videx Square Reservoirs are designed to be “Flat Packed” into palletized consignments, facilitating economical shipping and quick assembly at the destination.

Installation is performed on specifically engineered concrete plinths, castellated beams, or atop Videx designed galvanised steel towers, tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of each project.

Reservoir Panels:

Size: 1,220 mm × 1,220 mm after flanging, with flanges at 45° and 90° angles on all sides.

Material Coating:

Hot-dipped galvanised as per SANS 121 (ISO 1461).

Reservoir Cover/Roof:

Level Indicator: Mechanical, cat & mouse type, metric scale. Ladders: Internal and external, mild steel, hot-dipped galvanised. External ladders are cat ladder type.


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