Videx Water Tower Tanks

Videx Towers – Are PR structural engineered and designed for stability and durability.


Videx Water Reservoirs are at the forefront of engineering excellence, adhering to the latest SANS 10162 standards. With the purchase of a reservoir from Videx, clients receive cutting-edge General Arrangement (GA) drawings. These critical documents, validated by our Professional Registered (PR) Engineer, include a comprehensive civil design alongside a site-specific bending schedule essential for the precise casting of the foundation for our steel reservoir/structure. This represents our latest, most durable, and trusted design innovation, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Acknowledging the intricacies of civil engineering undertakings, we offer unparalleled technical support for foundational work associated with the reservoir. Our PR Engineer is ready to provide specialized guidance, accessible via our dedicated and supportive Videx team. This commitment underscores our dedication to ensuring your project’s success with our most advanced and dependable reservoir solutions.

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Videx attach great importance to the quality of our products. We manufacture and supply an extensive range of water storage tanks.


We are always seeking out new and improved products and innovations for bulk water storage.

Effective Solutions

Videx will always provide customers with the most cost-effective solution possible. This is done to ensure that our customers, and communities, benefit the most from our products and services.