Videx Round Water Tanks

Videx modular bolted sectional steel water storage tanks are designed to accommodate a large range of tank capacities and configurations.

Round Water Reservoirs

Following extensive research and development, driven by our commitment to meet and exceed client expectations, we are excited to introduce our latest innovation: the Videx Water Reservoirs. This new product embodies our most durable, trusted, and advanced design to date.

The Videx water reservoir range is meticulously engineered for versatility, catering to various industry sectors with multiple applications. Our circular reservoirs incorporate unique radial and vertical stiffeners, a product of exclusive in-house design, ensuring optimal performance in high-velocity wind conditions. This design not only guarantees structural integrity but also facilitates rapid installation and commissioning with minimal site preparation, thanks to our onsite jacking system and expert in-house installation team.

At the heart of our circular reservoirs is the bladder system, crafted from a food-grade PVC Plasticized formulation. This material is coated on a polyester woven fabric and joined using a high-frequency pattern weld for unparalleled adhesion, with double pattern welding at all cross joints for enhanced strength. The primary advantage of this bladder system is its ability to prevent direct contact between the stored liquids and the reservoir panels, significantly extending the reservoir’s lifespan by mitigating corrosion risk.

In summary, the Videx Water Reservoirs Circular Bladder Reservoirs not only set a new standard in resilience and reliability but also reflect our ongoing dedication to innovation, quality, and the needs of our clients.

Videx Water Reservoir Panels: ROUND WATER TANKS

Standard dimensions: 3000 x 1219mm, rectangular, available in various configurations based on water pressure:

Single layer for low water pressures

Double layers for medium water pressures

Triple layers for high water pressures

Lamination configuration has changed with new design (Eben to confirm new configuration)

Panel quantity determined by a matrix calculator.

Material Coating: Galvanised or Aluzinc AZ150

Internal Bladder (Lining): Fabric: High tenacity, 1000gsm woven polyester

Coating: Food-grade, UV-stabilised PVC

Reservoir Cover/Roof: IBR Zinc Alloy Sheeting (Corrugated Aluzinc sheets)

Embracing innovation and with a keen eye on future-proofing, the distinctive use of bladders in our reservoirs represents a forward-thinking approach to enhancing longevity and performance. By preventing direct contact between the stored liquids and the reservoir panels, our design effectively minimizes corrosion, ensuring our reservoirs stand the test of time.

Our circular bladder reservoirs feature radial and vertical stiffeners, an innovation exclusive to our system. This pioneering design renders the reservoirs exceptionally suited for high-velocity wind areas, demonstrating our commitment to delivering solutions that anticipate and withstand the challenges of tomorrow.

Key Innovations Include:

Easy Jacking System: Streamlines the installation process, allowing for rapid and efficient assembly and Removes “working at height risk” or the need for scaffolding.

In-House Installers: Ensures quality and consistency, with our expert team overseeing every step of the installation.

Continuous Site/Installation Progress Feedback: Keeps clients informed, ensuring transparency and trust throughout the project timeline.

Pre-Civil Work Inspection: Guarantees that all preliminary requirements are meticulously reviewed and met, ensuring a smooth installation process.

Step-by-Step integration: Provides a clear and thorough introduction to our processes, highlighting our commitment to client engagement and satisfaction.

High Frequency Pattern Weld Adhesion with Double Pattern Weld on all Cross Joints: Offers unmatched durability and integrity of the bladder, ensuring a robust seal and extended lifespan.

Videx Exclusive Radial & Vertical High Velocity Wind Stiffeners: Our bespoke solution to enhancing reservoir resilience in challenging weather conditions, showcasing our dedication to innovation and quality.

At Videx, we’re not just building reservoirs; we’re engineering the future of water storage, with every innovation designed to offer unparalleled durability, efficiency, and reliability.

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