Think VST Custom Tanks

VST Customised bolted sectional tanks can be configured to suit the clients specific site requirements.


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Think VST Custom Tanks

The VST system has options available to customise tanks for certain client requirements where there are limitations on site like any of the follow, space constraints, height restriction, immovable object to work around (columns/pillars), odd shaped areas, etc. The VST team will help with a solution-based approach for any of the previously mentioned constraints that would require commissioning.

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Think Tank Specs

Tank Panels
The nominal size of each panel after flanging is 1 220 mm × 1 220 mm with a combination flange at angles of 45° and 90° to the face of the panel on all sides.

Material Coating
Hot-dipped galvanising to SANS 121 (ISO 1461)

Tank Cover / Roof
IBR Zinc Alloy Sheeting

All VST Tanks are supplied with the following standard items:

– Level Indicator (Mechanical, of cat & mouse type, in metric scale for each compartment)
– Ladders (Internal & external mild steel ladders, hot-dipped galvanised – External ladders cat ladder type)

Four tank connections

To the client’s specification up to 150mm nominal bore size, anything above 150mm to be specified upfront.

– Hinged lockable manhole cover per compartment
– Bracing (Stays)
– Bolts, nuts & washers
– Pre-punched EPDM rubber gasket
– Air vent per compartment
– Butyl rubber mastic compound for cleats

Think Schematics

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Panel Configuration

Tank Division Examples

Tank Configuration Examples


Tank Parts


The following products offer our time saving installation solution with regards to civil works.

Think Quality

VST attach great importance to the quality of our products. We manufacture and supply an extensive range of water storage tanks.

Think Innovation

VST we are always seeking out new and improved products and innovations for bulk water storage.

Think Cost Effective Solutions

VST will always provide customers with the most cost-effective solution possible. This is done to ensure that our customers, and communities, benefit the most from our products and services.

Think Solutions & Benefits

The benefits of a customised tank are to assist clients with site that have space constraints and the tank may have to built in an odd shape to accommodate the water need whether is be for back-up water or fire suppression.

Think Information

We operate from our head office in Wadeville, but we work across South Africa and the African continent.

Yes, we consult with a qualified structural and civil engineer on all related projects.

Videx sectional tanks are supplied with four (4) connections (inlet, outlet, overflow and scour or drain) as specified by the client up to 150mm Nominal Bore (NB) as standard. Connections over 150mm NB are available up to 600mm NB and must be specified. 


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