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Ensuring Business Continuity with Videx Tanks: A Long-Term Investment for South African Manufacturers

In the dynamic and competitive landscape of South African manufacturing, ensuring uninterrupted production is paramount to success..

The importance of plant processing water for production in South Africa

Water is a vital resource for any industry, but especially for plant processing. In South Africa, water.

Choosing the Right Water Storage Tank for South Africa: Factors to Consider

South Africa, with its diverse climatic conditions and water scarcity challenges, often requires effective water storage solutions..

Key Considerations for Installing a Fire Suppression Water Storage Tank in South Africa

Fire safety is a critical concern for businesses and industries in South Africa. With the increasing risk.

Why you should choose an accredited water storage tank manufacturer

Why are accreditations important? When looking for a company to build your water storage tank, you’re probably…

Videx Round (Cylindrical) Water Storage Tanks

What is a Videx Round (cylindrical) Tank? The Videx round (cylindrical) water storage tank is the most…

Water Storage Tanks for South Africa

Videx water storage tanks are the silent steel heroes of the South African water industry. But what…

12 Ways To Save Water

We need to make sure that we've got enough water available in our dams for everyone in.

Living in the Shadow of Day 0

As pellets of rain pounded the dry earth of Eastern Cape this January, a man...

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